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More about CobiT®

IIncreasingly, senior management is realising the significant impact that information technology (IT) can have on the success of the enterprise. Management has a need for an increased understanding of the way IT operates and the likelihood of IT being leveraged successfully for competitive advantage. In particular, senior management needs to know if IT management is :

  • Likely to achieve its objectives

  • Flexible enough to learn and adapt

  • Judiciously managing the risks it faces

  • Appropriately recognising opportunities and acting upon them

Successful enterprises understand the risks and exploit the benefits of IT, and find ways to deal with:

  • Aligning IT strategy with the business strategy

  • Integrating IT strategy and goals into the enterprise

  • Providing organizational structures that facilitate the implementation of strategy and goals

  • Creating constructive relationships and effective communications between the business and IT, and with external partners

  • Insisting that an IT control framework be adopted and implemented

  • Measuring IT performance

IT Governance has the objective to align IT objectives to the company’s business objectives, to define roles and responsibilities of the people involved in IT decision processes, to establish control of the actions occurring in the environment and to reduce existent risks. By defining the processes, mapping the activities and defining the objectives and the metrics, organizations may gain a better use of the existent resources, identify and balance IT risks and obtain the best return on investments.

Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (CobiT®) helps meet the multiple needs of management by bridging the gaps between business risks, control needs and technical issues. It provides good practices across a domain and process framework and presents activities in a manageable and logical structure.

The CobiT® Framework provides a tool for the business process owner to facilitate the discharge of the managerial responsibility. The Framework starts from a simple and pragmatic premise: “In order to provide the information that the organization needs to achieve its objectives, IT resources need to be managed by a set of naturally grouped processes”.

*CobiT® is a registered Trade Mark of ISACA



IT Governance Foundation based on CobiT® 5.0

This two day, instructor-led IT Governance Foundation Course provides an overview the main concepts of IT Governance according to COBIT® 5, ISACA ’s latest governance framework, and how they can be applied. COBIT® 5 provides a comprehensive framework that assists enterprises create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits and optimizing risk levels and resource use. COBIT® 5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise, taking in the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility, considering the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders.

Duration: 2 Days

Course Objectives
At the conclusion of the course attendees will understand:

  • The major drivers for the development of a Framework

  • The business benefits of using COBIT® 5

  • The COBIT® 5 Product Architecture.

  • The IT management issues and challenges that affect enterprises.

  • The 5 Key Principles of COBIT® 5 for the governance and management of Enterprise IT

  • How COBIT® 5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise.

  • The key concepts in a Process Capability Assessment and the key attributes of the COBIT® 5 PAM (Process Assessment Model)

  • How the COBIT® 5 processes and the Process Reference Model (PRM) help guide the creation of the 5 Principles and the 7 Governance and Management Enablers.

The COBIT® 5 Foundation certificate is to to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the COBIT® 5 guidance to:

  • Be able to understand the enterprise Governance and Management of Enterprise IT

  • Create awareness with their business executives and senior IT Management

  • Assess the current state of their Enterprise IT with the objective of scoping what aspects of COBIT® 5 would be appropriate to implement.

Target Audience
Business Management, IT /IS Auditors, Internal Auditors, Information Security and IT Practitioners; Consultants, IT/IS Management looking to gain an insight into the Enterprise Governance of IT and looking to be certified as a COBIT Implementer or Assessor.

This course prepares candidates for the exam leading to the COBIT® 5 Foundation Certificate. The optional exam is a closed book, multiple choice exam, existing of 50 questions. The pass mark is 50% or at least 25 correct answers. The duration for the exam is 40 minutes.

No mandatory prerequisites although some experience in IT or related fields is recommended.

Course and Exam are English language.

United Kingdom specific ... many courses run on weekends to allow consultants/contractors to retain weekday income.

Czech Republic specific .... course bookings and information available in English, Czech or Slovak languages.

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*CobiT® is a registered Trade Mark of ISACA.


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