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Cloud Computing Foundation

The Cloud Computing Foundation course is designed for everyone who already is or who will be involved in the general aspects of cloud computing. It is vendor neutral and focuses on the necessary basics for taking the organisation to the cloud.

The Foundation exam tests your tactical and strategic know-how in using cloud computing , with the main focus on procurement, implementation and management of Cloud Computing. - Hence the slogan ‘Get into the Cloud – and stay in control

Course Duration: 1 Day

Prerequisites: None

Target group

The exam is suitable for IT managers, business managers, IT professionals and procurement specialists, who want to qualify for a role within the rapidly growing field of Cloud Computing.


This course forms part of the EXIN Cloud Computing accreditation programme of which Smatra is an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO), Accredited Examination Centre (AEC) and Accredited Courseware Provider (ACP).

Linking naturally into other Smatra training & examination programmes (such as IT Service Management and Information Security), this course also one of the prerequisites to attaining a separate EXIN Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services accreditation.

Exam content

Candidates are tested on five categories:

  • the principles of Cloud Computing;

  • using the Cloud;

  • security and identity management;

  • implementation and management;

  • and evaluation.

 Exam Details

  • Number of questions: 40

  • Pass mark: 65% (26 out of 40)

  • Open book/notes: no

  • Electronic equipment permitted: no

Courses typically run over weekends which is especially attractive to contractors as this saves the loss of income during the training.

United Kingdom specific ... many courses run on weekends to allow consultants/contractors to retain weekday income.

Czech Republic specific .... course bookings and information available in English, Czech or Slovak languages.


  ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited

 ISO/IEC 20000 rights are owned by ISO

More about EXIN Cloud Computing

The Foundation exam tests your tactical and strategic know-how in using cloud computing. The certificate is designed for everyone who already is or will be involved in the general aspects of cloud computing. EXIN’s Cloud Computing certificate is vendor neutral and focuses on the necessary basics for taking the organization to the cloud – whilst staying in control.

This sets the EXIN Cloud Computing certificate apart from existing certifications, which tend to focus on the more technical aspects of cloud computing. Furthermore people within the organization have to be aware that there will be changes in the make-up and responsibilities of the IT department

The EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation addresses also this shift in people’s roles and responsibilities.

Relationships with other programs

The courseware material and exam content contain many links to other areas within the Information Management domain. Here you’ll find, amongst other things, a number of processes as described in ITIL®, EXIN IT Service Management ISO/IEC 20000, EXIN Information Security, which are important in directing and managing cloud computing.

Examples include Identity Management, Contract Management and Information Security.

Managing risks

The benefits of cloud computing are well known: scalability, reduced costs and greater efficiency.

How to successfully use cloud computing is much less well known, which is exactly where risks arise.

  • How do you choose the right service provider?

  • There should you look?

  • Is outsourcing really cost- effective?

  • Which aspects are and remain your own responsibility?

  • How do you retain control of the process?

You need to know, for example, where your data is and under what legislation it falls.

The scope of cloud computing is broad:

  • Technical infrastructure

  • Coherence between software packages

  • Costs and revenues

  • Understanding the risks

  • Compliance

  • Governance

  • Security
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